Weekly Beauty Picks – Bronzer – June 2017

When they tell you bronzer is only for summer…we say wrong!!! Bronzer can be enjoyed year round no matter what your favorite magazine says! You don’t need that “back-from-vacation” glow sometimes, why not enjoy that in the winter too!? The Adriatic Girl is here to tell you all about a couple important tips!


Image from: http://theglitterguide.com/2013/03/28/6-products-to-get-glowing-skin/

Tip #1 – Matchy, Matchy!

Great bronzer application begins with a great foundation. (Wait?! I thought we were going to talk about bronzer only!?) Well, in order to have a color that works best you need to have a foundation that matches your skin tone. No, it can’t be more yellow, more orange or more brown. M-A-T-C-H-I-T girl! There is nothing worse than seeing your best girlfriend with foundation lines or color difference along the hair line or jaw line! Once you have this down pat, repeat Tip #1 again. Go out and try different bronzers (at different price points, more expensive doesn’t always mean “better”). Depending on your skin tone you will see what works best, some shades may be too light and some may be too dark…the key is to be patient and spend some time on picking the right choice!

Tip #2 – What Type!

Okay, we know it’s #2 but its important to decide what kind of bronzer you are going to get! There are countless options in stores and it all really depends on your skin type and condition and your preference. Spend time assessing your skin to help you decide what would work best.

Bronzer options range from, pressed powder (most popular), loose powder, liquid bronzer, serum based and even in pencil/stick form. Now, generally speaking…

If you have normal skin go out and try what your heart desires! Ask around, ask store associates, compare reviews online in order to better understand the different aspects of each. (An Adriatic Girl secret…we spend plenty of time researching, comparing and contrasting and being honest with ourselves when it comes to deciding what works for our skin)

On the other hand if you have dry to very dry skin (or dehydrated skin) than its best to stick to bronzers that have a hydrating component and or bronzers in liquid form. This will wonders when those extra dry months come around. (Side note: you are not safe in the summer, we repeat not safe!!! Air Conditioning can create a dry environment that only adds to your skin type)

If you skin is on the oily side, play around with powder bronzers that will balance out oils throughout the day. It’s never easy to find skincare and cosmetics that work for your skin type (no matter what kind you have) but with a little patience we are confident you can do it!

Tip #3 – Application Methods!

This one is a little more simple than the first two tips, either use your fingers, a brush or a sponge. (or ALL depending on if you buy a liquid bronzer for some occasions and seasons throughout the year and a pressed powder bronzer for others)

There are positives and negatives to all application methods…what we mean is do you feel comfortable using your fingers if it is a liquid bronzer? (Do you apply your foundation with your fingers? If so this may be for you)
On the other hand if you are better with a brush and like the “cleanliness” that comes along with it – try that! (Note: Pressed powders are mostly applied with brushes so this tip depends on what kind you choose and then what you prefer when it comes to application.)
Lastly, the sponge… ahh the world wonder that became so popular in the last couple years, although the finished look is flawless with the “sponge tapping method”, cleanliness should be a major factor in this decision as well!

What are some of your favorite bronzers and how do you apply them!? The Adriatic Girl would love to know!

Check out our Beauty Style blog post next week on “Contouring” (bronzer required 🙂



The Adriatic Girl


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