Weekly Travel Picks – The Sunshine State – July 2017

Coffee first, beach second! Good morning Florida!

Orlando, Miami, Palm Beach, Florida Keys, Clear Water, Tampa…the locations are countless! (don’t forget Walt Disney World!!!) Although it may sound overrated (it’s not!). The Adriatic Girl loves Florida!

Sunny Isles Florida.JPG

Florida has so much to offer, no matter who the tourist is! Younger or older this state has got it! If you have thought about visiting Florida and are interested to go in the future…keep reading!

For the “party animal” we highly recommend Miami! You will find all kinds of clubs, lounges and restaurants to experience. Miami is known for their Cuban influence and proves to be an amazing time in all categories! The food is delicious, ranging from Peruvian cuisine all the way to Japanese dishes – Miami has it all!

For the “sightseer and adventure seeker” we recommend Florida’s theme parks, national parks and “keys” where you can enjoy snorkeling and surfing! We almost forgot…. DOLPHINS, those magical mammals you don’t get to see just anywhere! From Walt Disney to the Magic Kingdom, there are options for all ages! (Because who doesn’t love a little magic at every age?!)


Not only can you see beautiful views while sun is shining, but the sunsets are ones to remember too! (PS. no filter was applied to the photo below…stunning right!?) The Adriatic Girl recommends enjoying the sunsets and sound of the ocean splashing on the sand. Ahhh, how relaxing. Have you started researching your next travel spot?


Let’s end off with a view… The Adriatic Girl hopes you enjoy your day!

What are some of your favorite spots to visit in Florida!? The Adriatic Girl would love to hear! Keep an eye out for our next travel posts!


The Adriatic Girl


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