Weekly Style Picks – Denim – July 2017

Denim is back! Rips, holes, patches, embroidered designs and distressed looks are ALL here to stay! Denim has been around forever but now there are even more trending options available!

Over the years, there have been all kinds of styles and cuts to fit the various needs and wants of men and women. Whether you like distressed, acid washed, boot cut or skinny, this is the trend that just keeps giving! No matter what your style denim is what The Adriatic Girl likes to call a staple wardrobe piece.

Denim has already been around for hundreds of years and The Adriatic Girl loves sharing old and new trends! Thinking of getting a rid of an old pair of jeans that aren’t trendy anymore? Don’t! Fashion is like a cycle – it always makes it’s way back around! Rewind six years ago and you will find denim trending as well!



Image from Vogue 2011 – Spring Summer

Many styles and cuts have become more popular, on great example of this is the skinny jean! Check out this quick video by POPSUGAR fashion on Skinny Jean History!

The Adriatic Girl recommends buying jeans or denim pieces that work well for you and make you feel confident when you put them on! Whether that is a skinny jean, boot cut or flare – the choice is yours!

In addition to jeans, denim has grown and expanded drastically! Now you can see denim in shorts, jackets and skirts! That’s not all. Don’t forget about denim overalls! (We have a feeling this is making a comeback this season!)

What is your favorite kind of denim piece and what other staples would you recommend as “must haves” in your wardrobe!? The Adriatic Girl would love to know!



The Adriatic Girl


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