Weekly Beauty Picks – NuVsio – July 2017

Stress. Stress and more… Stress! It’s time for a detox ladies (and gents) This week’s Beauty Pick is all about NuVsio – Start Pure! We mentioned we would provide more information and visual on this amazing brand! Before you view their mineral mask ritual here is a quick introduction!

If you are not blown away by this quick and easy mineral explanation we don’t know how else we are going to impress you! (Seriously, aren’t you fascinated)

We already know you are feeling extra stressed this week, so we decided to make it easy for you! Less reading and more quick videos! (we are planning to continue sharing quality content while also providing other sources of content, so let us know what you think)

Below is video on NuVsio’s effective and easy mineral mask ritual! (We were so excited we couldn’t help ourselves) Our shipment is already on the way!

For more information, you can visit their site directly at https://www.nuvsio.com/ (Videos, courtesy of NuVsio 2017)

What is your skin care routine like!? The Adriatic Girl would love to know!



The Adriatic Girl


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