Beauty: Daily Skin Care Routine

The Adriatic Girl believes in routine, routine, routine! This time we are talking about our bodies biggest organ – our skin.

Research, test and play around with various brands to figure out what works best for you. (while keeping your skin type, age and skin goals in mind)

Once you have this figured out proceed to our go-to routine below! The Adriatic Girl is all about taking care so create a routine (and stick to it religiously!)

1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Serum (optional)

4. Eye cream (hello, a must!)

5. Moisturizer (not optional – oily or not, don’t skip me)

6. Face Oil (optional)

7. Sunscreen – SPF (UVA and UVB protection – must, must, muuuuuust!)

If you are going to do any of the steps, we highly recommend using sunscreen with at least 30 SPF which will protect your skin against the sun. (we won’t tell if you skip any of the steps above, but do not skip out on your sunscreen!)


P.S. Don’t forget, it is all about the consistent skincare routine!

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