Travel: Montenegro

Think, heaven-touching mountains and breathtaking beaches that are surrounded by turquoise blue sea water. Think, Montenegro – the pearl of the Mediterranean. (literally, pearl – population under one million!)

Montenegro is located in South-East Europe and lies on the Adriatic Sea. A country almost unknown to many, Montenegro has many things to bring to the avid traveler. With a wide range of things to explore such as; exceptional beaches, mountains, canyons and national parks, Montenegro is a “must-add” when reviewing your bucket list! (You have a bucket list don’t you?!) Montenegro has many points of interest such as Durmitor National Park, or coastal cities such as Budva and Kotor to name a few. Not only are there numerous places to visit within this tiny country, you are able to do it in little to no time as traveling from the most north parts all the way down south to the beaches will only be a couple of hours by car.

With so many wonderful places to see, you wonder? What is trip like this going to cost me? For starters, although Montenegro is not in the European Union, the country uses the Euro (€) as their currency. (don’t be so quick to hit exit, it is not as expensive as you might think) Breakfast will cost you couple of euros depending on which city you are in, coastal cities are a little “more expensive” (under 8 euros) while the capital (Podgorica) and the northern cities are less expensive. (under 5 euros)
As for hotels, these range depending on the star rating and location. Beside this a great alternative for tourists is to stay in private accommodations and or AirBnB. How much would a private accommodation cost you ask? Not much, two people could stay in Budva (one of the main coastal cities) for 30 euros a night – by the way you are a 2 minute walk to the beach.

Looking to extend your European adventure? From Montenegro, you are only about 2000 km to Madrid and under 1000 km to Rome by car.

Photographs – Montenegro

Below an aerial shot of Lovćen National Park & Mausoleum with the highest peak
at 1,749 meters.


Below is a spectacular shot of Sveti Stefan which lies on the Montenegrin seaside.


Below: An amazing photograph captured of Bay of Kotor: (UNESCO World Natural
and Historical Heritage Site)


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Travel: Spain

Spain. Where you can indulge in tapas, cervezas and sangria, no matter what time it is. A country that belongs to both Europe and Africa, with many beautiful sites to see! Known as one of the oldest countries, Spain is mostly located in South West Europe and is made up of 17 autonomous regions. Each holding similar yet different customs, norms and cultures. Beside this, although Spanish is the official language, there are other areas where parts of the population speak Galician and Catalan. (don’t stress, you will be able to get around with basic Spanish!)

The capital city is Madrid and promises spectacular experiences within the modern city and at the historical sites. (no really, it is the perfect mix!) One fascinating and natural site to see is the Buen Retiro Park, full of flowers, greenery and fountains. Beside this, there are many plaza’s and puerta’s such as Plaza Mayor (the main square) and Puerta del Sol where you will find an engraved 0 km which is the considered the center of Spain and is the radial network of Spanish roads.

Beside Madrid, there is beautiful Barcelona! Think Gaudi…everything Gaudi! From La Rambla (the market), to Sagrada Familia to Park Guell. (this is  by far an extremely short list when it comes to the extraordinary places Barcelona has to offer) Are you interested in art? How about seeing one of the world’s greatest – Pablo Picasso. Barcelona houses one of the most extensive collections from the 20th century.

Another favorite is Valencia.  With many cathedrals and plaza’s, one could never get enough! Beside this there are many delicious options when it comes to food! Our “must try’s” are traditional Paella and Orxata (Horchata)! Paella is a Valencian traditional rice dish, (not just any rice dish) there are all kinds such as seafood, vegetarian or a meat Paella. (this is a must try if you are visiting Valencia!) Alongside Paella, there is Orxata or Horchata which is a Valencian drink, that has also become very popular throughout all of Spain. Horchata is made up of tigernuts, water and sugar and is served cold. This is perfect drink option when you are looking to cool down and skip a round of sangria.

Photographs – Spain

Below – A Spring day in Plaza de la Reina, Valencia.


Below – A beautiful shot of Barcelona from Park Guell.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Below – Streets of Madrid


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